We LOVE to talk about our babies so feel free to give me a call any time, even if we don't have shorkie puppies for sale, we still love to talk about our up coming litter or our mom's and dad.



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we offer shorkie puppies for sale by home breeder

It is our goal and focus to help you adopted the most healthiest, loving shorkie puppy. So when it comes time for you new bundle of joy to come home please be patient. We want them to go home as soon as they are ready but will not send them until we, and our vet think it is time. Most of our shorkie babies can go home between 10-12 weeks most the time. Each and every baby is different. We will let you know before we send your baby home. We NEVER send a baby before it is ready. Our  babies are a 1st generation cross from a Shih Tuz and Yorkie.


We only have a few shorkie puppies for sale thru out the year. We don't have babies all the time. When we do have shorkie puppies for sale, they are all TOP Quality. But we do keep a waiting list. So if you visit our main website at www.shorkieworld.com and don't see any shorkie babies up for adoption at that time, just send me an email or give me a call. We look forward to helping you adopt the genetically sound best shorkie baby. We take pride in each and every one of our babies.



Here are the 50 states, Alabama AL, Arizona AZ, Arkansas AR, Colorado CO, Delaware DE, Georgia GA, Idaho ID,  Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Iowa IA, Kentucky KY, Louisiana LA, Maine ME , Maryland MD, Massachusetts MA, Minnesota MN, MS, Montana MT,  Nevada NV, New Hampshire NH , New North Dakota ND, Ohio OH, Oregon OR, Rhode Island RI, South Carolina SC,  South Dakota SD, Tennessee TN, Vermont VT,  Washington WA, Wisconsin WI, Wyoming WY,  we hope one day we will have shorkie puppies for sale and placed in each state. So our puppy parents can have a family get together.

















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