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I am a breeder That place each and every one of my babies into loving,  companionate  homes, where they will live for their whole life, We don't just sale our babies for money, we are breeders that make sure you and your new baby will be a good match that way you have a companion for years to come, that is also why we offer a 5 year written health warranty on each and every baby we place.



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Providing Genetically sound babies for years to come

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Judge your shorkie breeders by talking on the telephone to them, by contacting their previous shorkie puppy parents either by email or phone, by speaking with their Veterinarian and by visiting them if you can.  If you are out of state you should expect many photos of the shorkie babies. Also the quality of a breeders dogs will speak for or against a breeder, I do not care how nice a website is, if the quality is bad then move on. If any shorkie breeders want to just do all the adoption process thru email, or if they have a buy now button on their site I would look for another breeder. Most loving, caring shorkie breeders will want to talk to you over the phone, they want to make sure their baby is getting a good home.
Make sure the puppy in the photo you fall in love with is real! Ask for updated photos! Scammers are known to steal photos of other breeder's dogs and puppies to use them for scams.

Never send a deposit or payment with out having a written contact. 

We are making the world a bettter place with home raised babies


Some breeders sign onto a certain forum using aka names to pose as the buyers of other breeders they do not like or are jealous of. They post terrible untrue statements, pretending to be buyers who were injured by a breeder.  Days later the same breeders sign back on, this time with their true identities. They then run to the "rescue" of the "buyer"  they were days earlier.  So these breeders play both "buyer" and "rescuer" in this "assassination of character" game. This is also fraud against the consumer. The breeders being lied about are not the only victims. Consumers are also victims of such malicious breeders. Consumers are the targets of such deception. When you are lied to, it is the highest level of disrespect directed to you.


So you must be careful what you choose to believe when you see defamatory comments on a breeder.


It could be nothing more then other jealous and lawless breeders posting falsehoods to try to deceive you so you do not buy from their competitor. I know of many good breeders online who have had their names torn apart on a cretin  forum, when they had not done anything wrong at all.


















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